My mood is very erratic at the moment, and I know it is to do with my pregnancy hormones and everything else. But everything in site seems to be stressing me out.

I am finding it increasingly hard to remain calm over the simplest of things, and am trying my very hardest not to take it out on Baba so instead Mr L is getting the brunt of it. But even though I am trying I can hear myself getting stressed as I speak through out the day with Baba. It is upsetting me regularly, I hate to feel the stress levels rising. I don’t want to feel like it and I hate it, which actually is a no win situation as I am then getting more and more stressed as I am feeling stressed. So I am stuck.

However as if none of that was bad enough the biggest issue that I have which I did also have when I was pregnant with Baba is the dog. I can’t stand the smell of his food, him in general and all the other things that come with a dog. Poor little thing, he tries so hard to get close to me and everything about him just stinks and I feel so bad, all the poor animal wants is a cuddle but there is something about his smell that just puts me off completely while pregnant. 

I completely admit I am not great as a pregnant woman but I am trying to not be as irrational as I was in my first pregnancy but my oh my it is such hard work that it seriously tires me out by the end of the day. Lets hope that this is not staying and it is just a small phase I am going through!

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