Our Indoor Library

We are a family of book lovers and we have a lot of books in our house.

But they have never been organised, they have always been stacked high up the second set of stairs. With no real organisation or any of us really knowing what books we had up there.

Over the last few weeks the books have really begun to annoy me, but we don’t have space for a big book shelf, so I really had to think out of the box for this little project.

I knew that the books needed to go somewhere, and the stairs was the only place we really had.

So the indoor library was born.

I started with a sign wall, this is something that I have wanted for a while. A place to keep all my signs.

And I love it, its one of my favourite walls in my house.

Then it was a case of organising the books.

We have study books, classics, poetry, series, facts and fiction all on different stairs and sorted into their own areas.

And I love how they look as you go up the stairs.

All the reference books have gone up on the two little shelf areas that we have on the stairs.

The books have really finished off the wall of book covers that have been there for a while now, tying the whole look together.

To finish off the whole look I also made some small cushions that live between the shelves, so if we ever want to sit on the stairs to read we can in comfort.

A great addition to the final look of the stairs.

A novel but creative way to create a home library and we all love it!

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