Children Display

For a long time now I have wanted a display up the stairs with the children’s names and times they were born on.

I looked at all the stickers that you can get for these displays but none of them really screamed out to me that they were what I wanted.

Then a couple of years ago when we were in Butlins and they had a stall selling name meanings and we managed to get all three of the children’s names and they were just perfect for what I wanted.

I then went and got three clocks that were going to be put on the wall with their names.

However we were decorating and they got put to one side while we were decorating and I did forget about them for a while.

When we moving all the boys around I found them all again, so after Christmas Mr L put all three up and I love them. They all look perfect together, in a row with Big Bro first, then Rhianna and then Boo!

Such a simple but great idea and now the boys can read (when Boo can read) all about their name meanings, and the time they were born!

A perfect display for the kids.

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