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I am a firm believer that every house needs books, and even in the age of digital books, my boys are brought up very much with hard copy books, even though Baba is now enjoying the likes of Harry Potter etc, he doesn’t get a digital version he gets a proper book. We have lots of books in our house, and I love to sit and read a really good book, not that it happens very much at the moment but I do love to read, and thankfully Baba has developed a joint love of books like me. He can quite often be found with his head in a book and I love that about him, and I want to keep his love of books alive.

We don’t really have a place for books in our house, which I have always hated.

But when we sorted the top room into a boys room, we got rid of lots of paperwork and there are two shelves on the staircase up to the top room that were free for some sort of book storage. It wasn’t what I really planned but it was a space and I was determined to use the space positively for the books.

So I went through sorting out all of our books and dividing up our fiction with our fact books. Books from my degree, working with children and running a business are now all on shelf tidy and sorted out and all our fiction books are on the other shelf. All the boys books are in their room in a massive trunk that I brought a while ago to work with the Harry Potter themed bedroom that they will eventually have!

I loved that the books were sorted but once it was all finished the wall was so very bare. It was really boring walking up the stairs and the top room has so many things on the walls that it just didn’t really work very well at all.

Then I remembered that I had my own set of postcards, similar to the ones I used in the boys den of all the comic covers but my postcards were all book covers.

So I decided to put these on the wall and make it a little more eye-catching as you walked up the stairs.

But I wanted them to be a little different to the postcards in the top room.

So I raided my craft room and found a lot of tiny clothes pegs and I knew that I could do something with both of these on the wall.

I organised the books into the right date order and from top to bottom I put a small peg on each postcard and then stuck it to the wall with blue tac and it really was that simple.

Now our very boring wall gets lots attention as people are climbing up the stairs and get greeted with book covers from Dickens to Dahl in front of them.

Long gone is my very boring area going up to the top room, and now we have a space for our books and an interesting wall as we walk up the stairs.

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