New Stationery!

So I came home today, after not being allowed in our house for the whole day, while my dad worked on a wall, to Mr L giving me this…

Filofax, Pocket, Diary, Organising

Now it was supposed to be a Christmas present, but it came a lot smaller than he thought it was so he gave it to me earlier.

Inside it is full of brown paper, but the fixing inside really made me think that it looked like it could possibly take a Filofax insert. Now if you have ever read this blog you will know my love of the Filofax, or diaries in general!

Filofax, Diary, Organising

So after a little chat on Twitter, and a few measurements it is a perfect pocket Filofax size, although not made by Filofax. So this has led to an evening scoring Pinterest and deciding what I am going to use this amazing little gift from Mr L for!

The possibilities are endless, where do I start.

And how much time has this already taken when I should be sorting teachers gifts, the house and wrapping Christmas presents, but its new stationery and something that can be used as a Filofax as well, so it is totally and utterly allowed!

I shall be updating this post very soon!

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