2016 Diary Planning – Part One

The beginning of this year after years of a Filofax I decided that I wanted to go back to an A5 diary, and an academic diary at that.

I have blogged about the transition to my diary lots over this year, and I love the format. I love that I have adapted all the pages, and it really works for me.

I am really happy with it and wont be changing it for 2016 which is actually a first for me, I usually always change my diary format so it is a bit different for me this year.

But I didn’t ditch my Filofax, I made more of a home hub, instead of a daily diary, I put in information about the kids for babysitters, the dogs, information about our meals, clubs, finances, and work information. It was a thing that stayed at home, where as my diary was the item that went everywhere with me.

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However over the year the Filofax hasn’t really worked. I always use the finance section of the Filofax but that is about it to be honest, the rest of the sections I don’t really use, and they just sit there taking up space that they don’t really need to be taking up.

So this year I really want to change the way I use the Filofax.

Then Mr L went and brought me my new ‘notebook’ that is actually a perfect pocket Filofax size.

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So this changes things for how I am going to plan in 2016.

Today I have spent most of the day watching Filofax setups on YouTube, searching Pinterest for ideas, and I think I may have finally come up with a plan of how to organise in 2016.

The diary is staying.

I love the way I have set it up. It works fantastically, and I wont be changing anything about that at all for 2016, which is lucky as it is an academic diary and lasts until August of next year.

However I am going to change my big Filofax, I am going to keep it at home, but it needs to be more useful.

So it is going to be a monthly hub so to speak. I am keeping the financial section, then there will be a section for the monthly paperwork, there will be the clubs section, and schools, but with monthly diaries in so we can see what is happening and when, and I am going to tweak the sections so it has all the things that we need in there, you know the things that you can never find really, but always need, prescriptions for glasses, etc. Then every month I will be having a clear out and actually moving the stuff that doesn’t need to be in there and emptying it so that it doesn’t get too filled up and is always useful rather than just becoming a useless item in the house.

Then I have the little one that Mr L has just brought me, this one I can totally carry around along with my actually diary. So I am thinking it can be a Filofax of ongoing things, so I am thinking it can be full of lists and ideas.

So my plan is to have a sections for presents, craft projects, and shopping. I think I will add a notes section as well for all the different bits and bobs that I often have to jot down and then lose and forget about.

I think this new system would work, and I am hoping it will mean that I will use all three organisers.

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