My Boys and The Beach

My children love to be by the beach.

They love to be free.

They love to run.

They love to jump in the sea.

They love to look for fish, crabs, and any other sea creatures.


To dig in the sand.

To get wet.

To explore.

And to basically have fun.

This is when I love the summer.

When there are no routines.

No times that they have to be up for.

No times that they have to go to bed.


Freedom to the boys means happy boys.

Freedom to the boys means exploring.

My boys probably shouldn’t be in formal education.

They thrive on being at the sea.

They thrive on jumping the waves.

Screaming against the wind.

And watching the sun go down.


My children are children that should live by the sea.

And one day, I don’t know when but one day they will be by the sea.

So they can be there every single day.

As at the sea is when they are at their happiest.




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