Making Pom-Poms

I have stacks of wool and I mean stacks of wool. So I have been trying to think of something to do with it recently, other than knitting and crochet so I can use a lot of it up. I thought of Making pom-poms, but wanted an easy way for children to make them as well.

As we have redecorated I was thinking of a pom-pom garland for the tops of the walls around the house, and my niece suggested a pom-pom wreath just to have hanging on the door at all times.

Both are a possibility I have enough wool for both.

But the question was how to make the pom-poms?

I have never really got on with the traditional way with card cutouts, and I don’t have any gadgets and didn’t want to buy any, I also wanted the pom-pom making to be an easy way for children, as I knew that Baba would want to get in on the pom-pom making.

Making pom-poms …

I searched Pinterest, and found this genius way of making Pom-Poms with a fork!

I attempted making pom-poms this way with a normal serving fork but wanted something a little bigger, so searched my mums drawer and found her salad serving fork.

This fork made the perfect size pom-pom for what I want, whether it be bunting or a wreath.

It was also so easy that Baba was able to do it as well, except the cutting which I did, which is just what I wanted as I knew that he would want to make some pom-poms, when he saw me making them.

As you have to just wrap the wool around and around the fork, it really is a very simple way of making pom-poms for children. One that I will be using again with Baba.

He made three of his own last night, I am not sure what he is planning on doing with them, but that took about 15mins in total to make his pom-poms.

I also made three pom-poms in a couple of minutes, and will be making a big bag full. I have a couple of balls of this gorgeous wool that makes really unique pom-poms, so over the next few weeks I will make a big batch of them and getting a collection ready to make a bigger project with my pom-poms.

I shall be posting the finished project whether it be bunting or a wreath or both when they are completed!

I can’t wait to see how these pom-pom develop! Especially now that I have found such an easy way to make them.

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