Pom-Pom Bunting

Yesterday I wrote about Making Pom-Poms, last night I sat down and watched The Apprentice and made my first ever Pom-Pom Bunting and I love how it has turned out.

I already had three pom-poms and in an hour I made another seven, which I thought was enough to try out my idea of bunting, as I wasn’t 100% sure this idea would even work.

I then tried to think of a good way to hang the pom-poms, and actually decided to do a row of finger knitting in the same colour wool, and then attaching each pom-pom to this row.

It was actually very simple, and I love the effect that it has in the finished look, this is obviously not where the bunting will stay but I had to put it up to see if I liked it.

Using the finger knitting to hang the bunting on, means that as well as seeing the great colours in the pom-poms you can also see the great colours in the wool through the finger knitting, and it gives you great sections to hang the pom-poms in. Which makes hanging the pom-poms and working out the spaces a lot easier to do.

I just love that every pom-pom is so completely different. It makes the look of the bunting so different.

I am going to make more bunting and I think it does need to be longer than this one I have made here, but I have some decisions to make.

Do I just do one bunting in a room, on one wall?

Do I have bunting on each wall?

Do I do bunting in each room, to tie the rooms together, as after Christmas all the downstairs rooms will be the same colour?

Do I do the bunting going up the stairs, this is something that I have really thought about in the past, as the hallway is such a dull space and I really want to do something with it?

Decisions, decisions, what to do?


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