Handmade Christmas Decorations

This year I brought a lot of new decorations for our house, and a new tree. (We have artificial because of the dogs) So we had a lot of old decorations hanging around.

One of the reasons I brought so many new ones, was because our old decorations where about 6 years old and the tree is fine, but the baubles are on their last legs, a lot were dented and some where completely broken. The lights work but have about 12 bulbs that aren’t working and they are basically all falling apart.

But there were some pieces that were still ok.

This year for the first time, we have the massive glass doors in between our lounge and kitchen, and once I had put up some decorations these looked very dull and boring and I really wanted some sort of decorations on them, but wasnt sure what.

I then thought about some indoor wreaths, but I am not a massive wreath lover so I went and had a nose on Pinterest and found some lovely displays with baubles and ribbons hanging on doors. We had no ribbons so that was out of the question.

But we did have wool, some baubles that weren’t broken and beaded string that Baba has occasionally used on his Christmas tree, but didn’t bother with this year. It was an exceptional length. So I knew it would work for what I wanted as long as I had scissors.

So I spent a few minutes folding the beaded string, and cutting it, and then tying all the lengths together. Which I will admit was fiddly, but it was easy just to twist the string together in between the beads that seemed to be the best way to tie them together.

As I had figured out that tying the beaded string was easily done by twisting the string together I used the same technique with adding the baubles. I added them on and then twisted the string in between the beads together.

I added eight baubles on each hanging decoration, keeping them a similar length to each other.

I then cut some wool and doubled it up to make a stronger hoop and threaded this through the top of the decoration to hang it from a drawing pin, that has been pushed into the top of the door frame.

Within ten minutes or so I had two fantastic Christmas decorations, that finished of the doors perfectly and tied the lounge and kitchen up together with their decorations.

All made from decorations that would have been thrown away this year, as they were all in a bag with a huge amount of broken and rubbish decorations.

I am so glad I saved them and love the look that they have created.

2 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas Decorations”

  • What an inspired idea, I hate to throw away old decorations, somehow there are memories of Christmases gone by all tied up in these that stops me parting with them instead leaving them languishing at the bottom of the decoration box year after year. Now I feel inspired to turn them into something new. I love the effect you have and the beaded string is perfect. Thank you so much for sharing with me on #Trash2Treasure.

    • Yay love inspiring people, I really hope you give your old decorations a new lease of life. I really do love the new look with these decorations, it has totally finished the room off xx

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