Less Than 8 Weeks To Go

So there are less than 8 weeks to go until our wedding and I am getting a tad scared.

We still have so much to do.

Today I sat down and worked it out.

1) We need to confirm with our vicar we can marry in the church we want to because of our connection there, it should be fine but we need to get his approval.

2) I need to get smaller boobs to fit into my dress, I am in control of that and it will happen.

3) Mr L needs an outfit

4) His best man and grooms men need an outfit

5) Baba and Boo need an outfit

6) My bridesmaids need an outfit and shoes

7) I need shoes

8) I need to do the Order of Service

9) Give the final food numbers to the venue

10) Sort our hair, the trial has been organised

11) Make the decorations

12) Make the favours

13) Get the flowers

14) Make some signs

15) Sort some pictures

16) Meet with the vicar again

17) Have the bands read

18) Meet with the DJ

19) Meet with the photographer

And finally

20) Pay for it

Probably the one that I am getting most stressed about.

There is loads to do. I am getting a little stressed.

But also I am being realistic there isn’t much I can do while Baba is still at school, so come the 23rd of July it will be all systems go on the wedding front, but before then I am going to chill and not worry about it too much.

But I am getting a little concerned about how much is left to do and what I need to do.

I need a paper bag I think and to get myself a list of when things are being made and when things aren’t being made!

Its going to be a busy few weeks I think!

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