Finding The Positives

This last weekend was hard, every way I turned things seemed to be falling apart around me.

We were tight with our budget for the wedding, it was really stressing me out. Luckily we still have six weeks to pay everything, although that doesn’t make the stress and worry any less. I think I find it harder as taking a maternity leave from Scrapbookerry I am not bringing in any money and it was really bothering me.

Even though I feel fab since doing my Juice Plus and am loosing weight I am still not small enough for my wedding dress and this really freaked me out! I was so upset that I couldn’t fit into it I could have cried.

I broke my engagement ring. Good and proper the big stone fell out, and I couldn’t find it anywhere! To say I was gutted was an understatement.

I really felt like someone was telling us not to get married.

Everything seemed against us.

It was horrible.

And I was miserable about it.

But I knew I had to change my thinking.

So after speaking to various friends and thrashing out some ideas I came up with some plans.

After some serious number crunching and pulling in some favours we should just have enough for the wedding the next six weeks will be tight but worth it.

I have some plans for helping my weight loss improve, some short bursts of exercise plans, that I can fit into daily life with the boys, and some more recipe ideas and things I can easily do that will be achievable.

The dress was a lot harder to become positive about, in the fact that I am determined to lose the weight for it and fit in it, but what if for some reason I don’t I needed a plan. But going to a dressmaker meant I had to go to that plan B now and I still do have six weeks so I was stuck. I didn’t want to admit defeat because I will fit in it but I just wanted a safety net incase. And luckily I found one, in the case of a mother and friend that can sew and a great tutorial in turning a zip back to a lace up back. It is something that can be left to the last week, and means I have five more weeks to get in the dress but have a plan if not.

The relief was immense when I worked this out the biggest stress went immediately.

I also managed to ring the shop we got my engagement ring from and they were fab completely helpful and gave me a bad new ring set with no issues at all.

So I am not all doom and gloom now, I am full of positives. Bridesmaid dress shopping was a nightmare yesterday but I have an ides for this to and I know it will all be fine one the night.

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