Less Than 2 Weeks and Including Rhianna Lily

It is all a little real now.

There is less than two all weeks until we say I do.

We have planned the service, sorted the DJ and planned the food.

The cars are organised, the photographer is booked and ready to go.

I have my dress, still need to get into it perfectly, it will happen. Mr L finally has his outfit, Baba has his, we just need to get Boo’s which will be done by the end of the day.

The bridesmaid dresses are brought, and just need some ribbon added to them.

The groomsman shoes are brought, ties will be ordered today.

I am in the middle of tidying the top room for people to stay the weekend and then its make time.

I need to make the bunting, the candle and flower holders and the table runners. I have some chalk signs to write, some photos to make and frame and the order of services to design. I need to make the favours, (actually need to decide what we are doing for them full stop) and need to get the flowers.

It’s going to be a busy few days.

And amongst it all we need to include Rhianna Lily!

We are not having real flowers instead choosing fake so they can be taken to her grave and will remain pretty for a long time. I know traditionally my flowers should be thrown, but there is only one person we both want to have my flowers and that is our little girl.

We also have a plan for the shoes. We are all having bright canvas shoes (we still need to buy mine and Boo’s) but we have decided to buy Rhianna as well. So on the wedding day we can have a photo of all our shoes, all five of them, all together.

We have also changed our service slightly to include all our children personally including a rememberance for Rhianna Lily.

It’s been difficult to have her included, but not make everything about her, but enough so that people remember. We always wanted all our children at our wedding so it would be wrong not to have her involved. We obviously will be thinking about her all day, but we want others to be too. The boys will be there but she needs to be too.

Which is why I am so happy that we have decided to get her pair of shoes as well. For the only time ever we will have a photo signifying all five of us and what better day to have it than on our wedding day!



2 thoughts on “Less Than 2 Weeks and Including Rhianna Lily”

  • It all sounds beautiful Kerry. My bouquet from my wedding was taken back by my Aunt and Uncle and placed on my grandparents grave. My sisters was also placed on the grave of our other grandparents. I think it’s a perfect place for it, a way for them to be involved. xx

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