Finger Knitting With Two Fingers

I have always loved finger knitting, but never realised until the other day you can do finger knitting with two fingers instead of four and I never realised how to make something out of finger knitting, I always just made long rows of knitting and left it as that.

Until the other day when I was watching YouTube and came across Red Ted Art’s Finger Knitting tutorials as soon as I watched them I wanted to have a go with the two finger finger knitting and wanted to try to connect the strands together as well.

It didn’t take long, finger knitting never does, in not a lot of time, I had finger knitted everything that was left out of a ball of wool that I had.

The next task was to connect the long strand that I had knitted together, which did take a bit of time, but is really just a basic sewing technique and once you get a rhythm it was actually quite therapeutic connecting all the knitting together.

I was actually shocked it wasn’t longer to be honest as the strand that I knitted seemed to be really long, but when connected it was a lot smaller than I thought, but it is long enough to be a very small scarf around your neck. Although it certainly could be longer for a first try I think it is fine.

I love the density of finger knitting with two fingers, rather than doing it wit four fingers, it gives a completely different look.

Now that I know you can finger knit in two different ways, and have finally worked out how to connect the strands I am hoping that in the future I may be able to make some cool projects. As I keep saying I have loads of wool, so it is about time I started to use it all up.

Have you ever done finger knitting with two fingers? I would love to see what you have made?

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