Boys Have Long Hair Too – Don’t Stare…

This is BB’s hair, in a pony tail it is nearly 6 inches long. 

BB is growing his hair.

He is growing it for the Little Princess Trust.

He wants to cut it off and donate it to children who have no hair and need a wig.

Because our boy is caring, thoughtful and kind.

But all of that is actually regardless, BB is a boy, he is ten years old and he has long hair.

That’s all strangers see.

He doesn’t wear a sign saying he is donating it to the Little Princess Trust.

So a stranger in the street sees a boy with long hair.

And why does it matter?

Why should they care?

Oh but they do.

Adults, grown men and women glance at him.

They nudge their friend or partner.

They look at him.

They point at him.

They make a comment.

Some are nice, generally they aren’t.

They judge him.

They make an instant decision on our child.

His character, his being.

Because of his long hair.

Because he is a boy and he has long hair.

And actually I don’t think it stops there.

They make an instant judgement because he is a boy, with long hair that’s ginger.

Adults who are old enough to be his parents.

Adults who are old enough to be his grandparents.

All making stupid judgements on him.

He never gets fazed to be honest he never really notices but his father and I do.

And we are shocked and appalled that we see it.

And it makes us so angry.

And actually so upset.

That even now people are judging people because of their hair and their appearance.

It makes me angry because he is my child.

So what if he wants long hair, I don’t care if he wants no hair or wants to be able to sit on his hair, he isn’t hurting anyone and it doesn’t matter to me.

He isn’t a thug if he is a skinhead, he isn’t a girl if his hair is long. 

He is only him. 

And he is caring, funny, he worries about his world, his friends, his family.

He has empathy, he is so much wiser than his years. 

He is one of the kindest people I know.

And is doing one of the most selfless things by donating his hair.

And from the moment he started he has got flack.

First it was from children, asking if he wanted to be a girl and that it looked stupid and he was stupid.

And now it is the adults, strangers that we don’t know.

But that shouldn’t matter.

Why should some lady we walk past, or some man we sit near comment on our boys hair?

Why should they stare and look?

Why should that be ok? 

Why should a 10 year old boy with long hair in 2018 cause an issue? 

Why does it matter?

He is causing no harm.

In fact the only harm being caused is by the people that are staring.

If they are staring at a boy with long hair they are staring at the child with no hair.

The child my son is trying to help. 

Instead of staring at them he is trying to make their life happier, easier, nicer and do something good.

He is going to put a smile on one of those children’s faces.

And you know what the people staring make me so angry, but I would rather be a mother to my boy with long hair who is trying to make another person’s life better than to a person who stares.

He is a million of those people that stare, comment and judge and that I am so proud off! 

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