Just Not Sure Where To Start

So I haven’t blogged in forever and a day.

And I have really missed it.

There are loads of things that I have wanted to blog about.

Days out with the kids.



Even work.

And future plans.

But there is always a block at the moment and that is the blog.

Ever since all my black boxes arrived because of the Photobucket saga and me not paying to use it, I have really stopped blogging.

I want to get the blog back to the space that I love.

Currently I hate it with all the black and grey boxes, but I have over 6 years worth of posts and most of them have photos in.

And I stupidly didn’t always write what photo was for what blog post.

I literally don’t know where to start.

And I am super concerned how long all of this is going to take me.

Where do I start…

From the beginning and stop at the most current.

Or start at the most current and stop at the beginning!

What do I do?

And how?

Until I sort that I may be a little quiet here as I am so stuck with it and it is stopping me from wanting to come over to the space and write!

And I need to sort it.

But I just don’t know how!!

2 thoughts on “Just Not Sure Where To Start”

  • You will get there hon. I think fixing the main page and working your way back on posts that mean something to you, that way you don’t see them when you first log in. Hugs xx

    • Took your advice did the front page and it has made such a difference! Will do the posts over the next year or so lol xx

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