Dear So And So, Requests and Thanks

Dear Baba ,

I love you dearly, unconditionally in fact. However this is being spread very thin at the moment. I know you can do this so why are you fighting. Why every night do we have to have this battle over bed. You used to be fantastic, bath, milk, story, CD on and sleep. Now however we have bath, milk, story, CD on all fine sleep. Sleep not so much generally an hour of screaming, shouting, asking for things, getting up, walking about before finally sleep.

Can we stop this now Mummy and Daddy do not find it funny. We are tired we don’t have the energy to do this every night for an hour or more everyday. OK.


Love you Mummy xx


Dear Days,

There are never enough hours in your time frame, I could do with about four or five more. I am always chasing stuff that I should have done the day before, because the day always finishes too early. Can you please just it extend just for week or so that would be fab then I can get everything done.


An fed up person never completing tasks!


Dear Readers

Thanks so much for bearing with me while I have been changing over the blog. I really appreciate it. Thank you to all that have resubscribed if you haven’t just go and put your email in the box there! Ha-ha.

Thanks to all that read.

Love me xx


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