Hello 2017 Goodbye 2016

Well hello 2017 and goodbye to 2016.

Last year kind of went by in a blur and I am not really sure what happened. But I know that I seriously think I missed it.

The last couple of months certainly flew past with Baba’s operation and recovering from that.

2016 was not the year that I did a lot of blogging, it was a year that I really struggled with it and I have written about it a few times in the past few months, how I was struggling to find time to write, struggling to know what to write, struggling to know where I was going with the blog and just struggling with it full stop but knowing that I missed it. This year I really want to change that.

It was also the year that we battled for Baba, battled with the doctors to get him to have his tonsils removed and thankfully won. After 7 cases of tonsillitis and 5 cases of a viral throat infection we finally got the news that we have wanted since he was 8 months old and had his first case of tonsillitis and were told he would be having them removed. We were put on the waiting list and told that he would have them out by February this year, within a few days he got a cancellation and it was all systems go with him getting them removed on the 29th of November and was fully recovered and managed the last two days of school term before breaking up for the holidays.

It was a massive rush in the end and a lot of juggling childcare, as we were told he would be in and out in a day, then his surgery time came later in the day, we were then staying in and he only wanted Daddy there. It took some methodical planning, with Boo’s childcare, Mr L’s work and in general but we managed it and he was a complete and utter star. He never once complained about his throat he didn’t cry he didn’t get scared he just got on with it. We are now waiting his post operation check up just to check everything is ok.

2016 we watched our baby turn into a proper little boy, he is a toddler with attitude! And it is amazing to watch him grow, we started with a child still very young and who hadn’t yet started preschool. We finished the year with a three-year old who has done a year of preschool, he has grown in leaps and is a proper toddler now, no longer a baby.

It has been a busy year, but with no real plans, we have been back to Butlins, and had many trips out and about, heading to London lots of times, and giving the children lots of new experiences.

Ending with a gorgeous Christmas and New Year, a whole two weeks with Mr L at home, and time for the children to chill, and play and just potter and make some memories. The perfect end to the year.

And now it is 2017 and I am writing my first post on the blog.

It’s January and everyone is writing their resolutions and plans for the new year.

I don’t have any resolutions I have some goals though and things I want to achieve.

Blogging: I want to blog more, I need to blog more. I go a little crazy if I don’t write things down. When I first started this blog, no one really read it. I just wrote it for me. For the boys to look at when they are older, I had this plan to put it into some sort of book for them as a gift when they are older. Then it got bogged down with me worrying about stats etc and this year I am not going to worry about that. This year I am going back to why I started blogging. It is about the boys, and I still want this to be a reference for them when they are older, and it is my place, so I am writing for me, for them and for Rhianna. And I am excited for it. I may even give it a new look at some point I am not sure about that yet as I don’t know what kind of look I should give it but I may!

Health: This is something I come back to time and time again. I need to lose weight and so does Mr L and we need to get healthier for us and for the boys, so we brought a treadmill. I haven’t yet used it but it is upstairs ready and waiting and I will start to use it. I have also registered with the GP referral to the gym to lose weight. And I am going back to listening to my slimpods, well we both are Mr L just doesn’t know it yet, but we both need to change our ways and I am hoping this time next year we will be very different to how we are now.

Tropic: I am so excited this year for Tropic, it is just going to be mega. I literally can not wait for the events and the pampers and selling the products and growing my team. Joining Tropic was the best decision I ever made and in 18 months it has grown and grown and I can not wait to grow it more and more this next year. I could write about Tropic all day, I could talk about Tropic all day, I just can’t wait to show it to more and more people, and am so so excited about it all.

Family: Mr L and I have exciting plans for 2017 we want the boys to relax and unwind and move away from technology at times, not forever just at times, and that means exploring going on trips and seeing this amazing place we call home. There are so many places we want to take them and this will be the year we start. And the boys are excited too. Baba has got a bit of an interest in travel and if it involves an ocean he is there, in the last year he has announced he wants to be a marine biologist, and whether that changes or not we are embracing his love of the ocean and the wildlife and loving learning about the creatures ourselves, and it is opening up many places to visit and learn.

House and Garden: We worked so hard on both last year, and many changes were made, over Christmas we got some new pieces of furniture in the lounge and finally have a gorgeous kitchen and lounge area, there are still some areas that need to be finished off but by the end of 2017 I hope they will be finished. This year is about decorating the boys want a Harry Potter room, and the kitchen and hall need a massive decorating overhaul. There is one massive job but lots of small jobs around the house and I would like them all finished now. And then there is the garden I need to decide what the final look will be out there and we need to get organised with the front and back. They are both big jobs and currently not really sure what to do with either.

Photos: I am missing my camera, my big cameras and this year I want to go back to using them, I have a couple of photography ideas I have that I am really excited about. One involves 52 pegs and 4 lengths of string that are hanging on our kitchen lounge doors, every week my favourite photo will be printed and then hung on these doors. By the end of 2017 we will have a lovely little mini book of our whole year. I am so excited about this project.

Scrapbooking / Crafts: I have really stepped back from scrapbooking in 2016 and am ready to get my teeth stuck in again and have already been looking at some fab mini books for some little projects I have and getting through my back log of photos! And actually printing some pictures. I also have many other projects on the go, the biggest being my knitted throw that I am determined to finish soon. So I shall busy with them throughout the year.

So 2016 was good 2017 will be fab. There are so many things I am excited for I can’t wait to get my teeth into them.

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