Nativity Scene

This year I have loved adding to our Christmas decorations but one thing that has been really bugging me is having a nativity scene it is something that I have really wanted to have not a funky one, or a child one but a traditional nativity scene for the table in the kitchen.

I love Christmas and the boys love Christmas but I wanted something traditional in the house, something to remind us what Christmas is really about. But I have massively struggled to find just what I wanted and something that was in our price range.

I found some gorgeous nativity scenes that are in the hundreds price range.

But today I managed (well my mum) managed to find just what I wanted at an exceptionally brilliant price and I couldn’t wait to collect it from her after she had told me she had brought it.

I collected it this evening when Mr L got home and managed to get it back home before the boys went to bed and they instantly loved it.

nativity scene, Christmas, traditional,

It is a gorgeous nativity scene with a moss-covered stable and ceramic figures to show the nativity scene.

nativity scene, Christmas, traditional

It is exactly what I wanted and I didn’t even see it before it was brought.

nativity scene, Christmas, traditional

I really wanted the stable as well and this is what I was struggling with, and I am so pleased I didn’t buy something else just to make do, as it wouldn’t have been right and then I would have been so annoyed once I had found this.

nativity scene, Christmas, traditional

We decided to add some fairy lights so that we can see the scene whether the light is on or off and it really works. It makes the whole scene look lovely on the table.

But the best thing is that as well as the fact that I love it the boys love it too, actually Boo loves it even more than Baba which did surprise me, but they both love that we have it and that it is the first thing you see when you walk into the kitchen.

I am so pleased with it and can not wait to have it out with the rest of the Christmas decorations every year from now on.

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