Healthier Me Day Two

So we are one Day Two of the new healthier me.

Today I woke up and I instantly had a bad headache, a sign that I am reducing my sugar for sure. But I wanted to carry on with the healthy eating so started the day as I did yesterday.

Breakfast: A banana smoothie, made with almond milk, banana, a dash of honey and some cinnamon.

Snack: I had a coffee and two digestive biscuits, total habit, coffee = biscuits, but I did stop at two usually I would eat the whole packet so I was pleased.

Lunch: Two slices of toast, scrambled egg, and smoked salmon, it was totally delicious I had a super small slice of chocolate swiss roll for a pudding.

Snack: I had a kit kat chunky round my SIL’s house, naughty I know but still so much better than I usually am.

Dinner: Homemade Mini Lasagnes and salad, and I refused chocolate and ice cream (this is a huge thing for me)

Drinks: I have had two coffees today, a fruit juice, a couple of glasses of weak squash with water, and a hot chocolate so haven’t been as great with my drinking today. But I know exactly why, I didn’t make my drink first thing in my litre bottle which manages to keep me on track with my drinking. So tomorrow I will improve on that.

But I am still really pleased with how it is going so far, and think I am doing really well considering I have only been really concentrating on this for the last 48 hours. Here’s to the next 48 hours hoping they will be as good or even better than it has been so far.

I am planning next week to start incorporating exercise as well, as I am hoping by then my sinuses will be 100% and I will be ready to get on with exercising daily. I am planning on starting my exercise by doing lots of walks with the boys while they are both on school holiday.

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