Taking Care of Me

I have finally got on top of my skin thanks to Tropic and now I am very aware of how bad I look after myself internally with the food and drink that I eat and the lack of exercise that I do, so it is finally time to take care of me.

I am back listening to my slimpods daily and hoping that they will help massively with what I am eating and what foods I am actually going to go to when I am hungry.

I am also massively using Fit Mum Formula. With her recipes a firm favourite in our house for different things and her shopping list I seem to use most weeks now. I eventually want to get going with the exercises on this site but currently I am finding them really difficult and coming from a person who literally does no exercise at all I am quite excited about the new 1 minute exercises that have recently been released.

My diet is the biggy though I know I eat badly. But it is really hard to change habits of a lifetime, but I am determined to try at least.

Over the years I have regularly been recommended a GI approach to food, being that my dad is diabetic this was massively recommended to me when I was pregnant with all three kids. But I have to admit I was pretty rubbish at it.

I have the idea to do it, but when it comes to physically working out what I need and what to eat when I really struggle. I need someone to come and give me a specific list of meals that I should eat and when. And it is hard to find that, especially ones that you like all of it.

I happened to be in the charity shop the other day and found this recipe book for a £1 and to be honest it is just what I need full days with all the food required for that day.

Today I am going to sit and have a good read front to back of the book, and sort out my food shopping to do this for the next few weeks, to see how I get on with it. I am honestly not sure how I will go but I almost think I need a very strict diet to follow first to get my brain onto the right track to crack a life time of bad habits.

I am hoping this idea will work anyway. But who knows.

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