My First Handmade Blanket

I have always dipped in and out of knitting, it is something I have always wanted to learn and to be able to do, but something that I have always struggled with.

I started buying the Art of Knitting a few years ago, and then stopped. When it was relaunched this year I have again started to buy it and have gradually been making my squares each month. However I had some squares left over from when I first brought the magazine and they have been sitting in a box just waiting to be used.

This week was our nieces birthday, she is three and she loves dolly’s so this year we brought her a pram.

But when I put it up, it just was not right.

The pram was lovely, and the doll fitted perfectly in the pram. But it looked bare.

The pram needed something else.

It needed a little blanket to cover the doll.

So I went searching for the older squares that I had made, and decided to attempt to make a blanket.

I have never sewn knitted squares together, I have never made a blanket before, but I was sure that it wouldn’t be that complicated and that I could put something together.

My first step was to sew two squares together horizontally and when I had three pairs of these, I then started to sew the pairs together vertically.

I did all of this sewing by hand with some wool.

I then needed to back the blanket, and I decided to hand sew this as well, with a cut to size piece of fabric. I cut the fabric a little larger than the knitted squares so that I could fold over all the edges and then used the same wool I had used to secure the squares together to sew the fabric to the squares.

Within a few hours the blanket was finished.

It isn’t completely straight, and it is far from perfect.

But it is perfect for the dolls blanket, and our niece loves it!

So that makes perfect full stop.

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