When I left school, I went straight to college to do my A-Levels and from there I went to University and studied Psychology. I specialised in Special Needs and Crime, they were my favourite parts of my Psychology degree.

I left my degree and went into working with special needs, which I adored and loved every minute off it. I left a year or so before I fell pregnant with Baba and actually did some childminding while I was pregnant with Baba.

When we had him it was decided that I would stop working with children, I didn’t want mine being looked after by someone else while I was working with other children.

So I have done numerous things since first having Baba, mainly working around direct sales, and network marketing. On the side I started a writing course, which I still haven’t finished and my main business has been being mum.

This time next year Boo will be having his transition days at Primary School, and next September life will be very different.

Both the boys will be in school, Monday to Friday and I need to make a decision what to do.

My dream is that I will be able to stay working from home with my two jobs I do at home. I want to be around if they are poorly, and help at events and on the trips with the school. I want to be around in the holidays and not be working all time.

My Tropic business would work perfectly around this.

Now is the time that I need to make that next leap to making it work around the school time and the school hours.

I need to bring in a regular income, a regular amount, and I need to make the plans now to get to that point next year.

I need to sit down and make a plan of action and start working in the way I want to be working next year.

It is time to get focussed, and set the wheels in motion for my working time next year.

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If you want to have a look at the fab products yourself you can visit my personal shop here

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