Filofax Setup 2019

I am not really sure how to set up my filofax this year.

For the first time I have a one day per page set up this year, and I can’t decide whether to just leave the pages as they are, and just list things as I need to do them on the pages.

Or whether I should do something different with the pages.

I could actually draw boxes on each page, so have an events box, and a to do box, I just can’t decide.

Last year I had the same filofax but two days on a page set up, and actually didn’t like it some days I barely touched the pages and then on other days I used up all the space and could have done with more, hence why I went with a page per day this year.

It is something I love to do between Christmas and New Year, set up my diary for the new year and this year it isnt happening as I am a little stumped with what to do!

Even looking on Pinterest hasn’t inspired me so far!

So what would you suggest… Leave as it is and list things or slightly adapt each page?

Decisions, decisions…

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