A Bulleting December

I have always loved the idea of Bullet Journals, I get the concept and love having all my lists and dates and information in one place.

I have attempted them a few times.

But never have had the feeling that I am enjoying doing them, I attempt them and don’t like having stuff a bit mixed up in them.

So I decided to take the date idea out of it and started a wellbeing one a while ago.

It has pages for the books I have read, the film’s I want to see, a sleep log as my insomnia is a bit mental at the moment and the weight I have lost.

All simple and not date orientated.

I sat the other day and realised December is a little mental and I need to plan out things and organise them a bit.

So decided to do a December section in the bullet journal.

This page will be used as my December key for all the pages related to December. So a December section in the front key.

This made the whole concept of the bullet journal enlighten to me.

And before I knew it I had done a monthly page spread.

This bullet journal is not a diary journal I have my amazing Tropic filofax for that, but it is somewhere for me to have lists and things that are good for my soul in it.

It is good to see what I have planned for the month, but a monthly spread is as far as I will go with regards to the bullet journal being a diary.

There will be no individual pages in this.

But in the December section there is a goal page, for work, home, family and myself and this is important. I have already written longer term goals at the beginning of the book but I need monthly ones too.

Primarily this bullet journal is all about my wellbeing, so I have included a habit tracker for the month of December. For tracking my drinking, as in water not alcohol, blogging, exercise, reading, and crafting.

These are all things that keep me happy and I am determined to complete them in December when it is so easy to forget yourself.

There some other pages I have included for December and that is entertaining, we have a lot of events happening this month and I want to make sure I am organised and ready for them.

Most importantly there is my Christmas Gift List, full of who is getting what and from who as I always get myself in a middle, and I am determined to have all the shopping done by the first so I can be organised and enjoy Christmas this year rather than just be up all night every night and knackered for it all.

And I am also going to add a monthly meal planner, I have a weekly one already but a monthly one would be fab as I can really plan the whole months worth of meals and budget better.

And there will be a budget one, December is always a tough month financially and we have some massive things to pay out in January so want to be ahead of ourselves this year.

So I have a couple more pages but I am really enjoying it.

The trick I have found is that monthly index page, and each of the pages are related to the same theme as that index page, meaning that I am not struggling for new designs on each page, also making the whole concept a lot easier than I have done before.

And actually really enjoying doing it.

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