Having A Shift Around

As we have decided to stay put for the time being in our house.

It means we can put some more time and effort into the house and actually get on with a few things that have been left, and not completely finished.

It also means that we are having a major shift around.

Boo wants to move into our room, as he sleeps better in there, the sun doesn’t hit the room so early and he wont get woken so early.

As Boo is moving into our room, BB wants to go back into his old room.

He loves his room, but moving him back into a bigger room, makes total sense, and he love having the space back and he will have an area that he can do homework in and space for his friends to have sleepovers in which he currently doesn’t have.

Then there is us!

We will be going back into the now games room, and reclaiming the top room, which means finally sorting our ensuite out and changing the toilet and sink for the spares that we have up there. And sorting out some of the junk that has crept into the small corner up there.

BB’s small room is then going to become a spare room/tv/computer room for the boys.

This will be used a lot if it is on the same floor as the boys.

BB has asked a couple of times if he can have a TV in his room, but to be honest our boys have an owl like ability of staying awake for hours with the TV on, I am not sure why both myself and their dad can fall asleep to the TV easily, but the boys can’t so a TV is a no go.

But having the TV gaming consoles, I say consoles as Mr collects old ones in one room and in the smaller room, means that they will be used more as neither of the boys aren’t that bothered about going up to the top room to play.

So as we are deciding on having a massive sort out I have decided that I really want to sort out the toys in my lounge and get them all up into the boys room.

Today we started we have chucked a lot already, but have so many more to sort and it is going to take a good few days to get on top of the toys and the rooms.

But I am hoping that they will be done sooner rather than later!

And that by the time the boys go back to school, their rooms will be completed and I will have a toy free and less cluttered lounge!

Wish me luck!

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