Far, Far Away, Deep Out Into The Sea!

Life is hard,

Life is difficult, even on  a good day.

But there are days when you literally could scream

You are in pain, from the stress and despair that life throws at you.

And there is nowhere to turn

You feel you can’t stop

You can’t say no

As the world my just collapse around you!

Everything crumbling down into a pile as you walk away.

But sometimes just sometimes you need to escape.

Where better than the sea!

It is free,

One splash comes in, one splash goes out!

Nothing ever stays long enough to become a stress

Everything is washed away within seconds

And it is new again

A new breath of air,

A new wave of water and bubbles.

Always renewing always growing

Never crying,

Never knowing what to do!

Its purpose is simple,

The waves come in

The waves go out.

If you stand in complete silence

You can hear them talking,

Whispering their sweet nothings to one another as they pass in the vast open space around them,

Nothing gets their way and anything that does so be it

They move around it,

And if it’s too big

They destroy it!

There is nothing that will stop them

Working together back and forth

Back and forth

Silently and loudly throughout the day.

It doesn’t matter when you go,

In the summer,

The soft spray of water is refreshing, it makes you feel alive,

You feel ready to take on the world

The sea has cleaned you of all your worries.

In the winter, the wind flies around

Encompasses you in its work

It tugs at your breath and takes everything you don’t want inside you away

It cleanses you from the inside out.

You walk away feeling alive and free.

You feel ready to have another shot.

To have another go,

You wont be broken you are alive and refreshed

Ready for anything thrown your way!

This post was brought to your for the Writing Workshop I choose prompt number 2. Coming Up For Air (by George Orwell)
– Write about a time you found peace after a difficult time. Or, alternatively, write about breathing spaces. What helps you re-charge?

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