Mummy and Baba Moment!

You have a nappy and vest on that’s all you need, your temperature has been up all day.  Your vest is undone and hanging open round your knees.

You strut round the room like you own it, and come over, crossing your arms on my news, resting your head in your hands. You look up

“Mummy Nemo” your eyes pleading for what you want.

“A little bit and then bed” I can’t say no to that face.

You know it’s bedtime but you don’t care. A few more minutes, seconds or hours, time means nothing to you, you are still to young to understand.

“You either sit with Mummy or Daddy, no running around” Daddy has spoken you know not to mess around.

“Mummy’s lap.”

I pick you up under your arms, and you left your legs, quickly putting all your weight into my hands, trusting that I will take it all without complaint! I put you on my lap.

I have my left arm resting on the side of the sofa, you curl up head resting on my arm, laying across me to watch the movie. I can smell the shampoo in your hair, I can feel your heart beating and the warmth of your body is keeping me nice and warm. I have to keep checking you are not sleeping, whispering to your Daddy across the room. Your breathing is getting slower and you are getting more relaxed but sleep doesn’t overcome you. You just rest silently. Laying in Mummy’s arms.

I relax as well, and cuddle you tighter, you don’t protest you let me. Sitting on the sofa watching Nemo together we have a moment.

It is a rare moment between the two of us, ones that are getting fewer and having longer absences between. So they are ones that I never want to forget, I am imprinting them into my brain so that I will always remember the times that only Mummy would do, no one else just you and me, your mummy.

This post was written for the Writing Workshop I chose prompt number 1. Be present. Describe a moment, something in your now. Doesn’t have to be extraordinary, just be still and take it all in.

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