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Over the summer we finally decided what to do with the top room, and decided that the best thing for it was to be a boys den. We have gone back and forth with what to do up there, debating whether to put the boys up there or to move up there ourselves. But the boys are happy sharing and love their room, and to be honest we like ours as well, and Mr L has such a collection of comics now that they were over taking the house and needed their own space.

We also got the boys a pool table, and air hockey table over the summer and the top room was the perfect place for them to go, so a boys den / games room seemed the best idea.

It has been a complete mission if I am totally honest.

The top room has been a dumping ground for many years now, probably since Baba was born, and it had a lot, and I mean a lot of rubbish in it.

We went through just over 20 bin bags of old children’s clothes that went to charity, numerous toys, books, and teddies that also went to charity and I seriously lost count of the amount of times we went to the tip with the rubbish from the room.

It seemed to go on for weeks sorting out the top room.

We finally seemed to get somewhere and then we were left with the paperwork. This was last sorted in 2002 and it took a whole week on its own to sort, but I finally got six shelves sorted into two and got it all organised into the correct piles and folders, now I finally know where everything lives and it is all correct and easy to find when we need it, rather than having to sort through bags and boxes of papers whenever we need anything.

A couple of weekends ago, we did the final changes to the room. I added my little touches and the brown and duck egg blue top room was transformed.


The boys now have the air hockey and pool table permanently up, rather than us having to put them up and take them down every time they want to use them, or leaving them up and then they become a dumping ground for all our rubbish as it comes in the house.

I added a little of my own touch to the room, by adding some comic wallpaper bunting which everyone loves, and hides a tiny bit of wall that was looking very plain otherwise.

As well as collecting comics, Mr L has a small collection of retro game consoles, which before we sorted the top room where just living in a box and not being used at all. Now they are out and being used all the time by Mr L and the boys who are experiencing a whole new concept and not just the Xbox!

As Mr L collects comics we don’t just have comics we also have lots of postcards and pictures of comics so I worked hard at getting these all up in the top room so that they can be seen at all times. Rather than be hidden away.

The last thing that we added was my old CD player, that used to be in the boys bedroom, but never gets listened to in there. We had one downstairs many moons ago but now have our digital radio, but still have a lot of CD’s in the house and as the room is more old school it seemed appropriate to put the CD player up here with all the CD’s as well.

We also have a little corner for Mr L’s Batman chess board to live, now we just need to get some cool chess pieces for the board to complete that.

We have pretty much completed all of the room, the only thing that we really need to do is add Mr L’s dartboard which currently is hidden under the stairs behind all the items for charity that are waiting to be taken asap and then the room will be complete.

There is a big shelving unit that has all of Mr L’s comics on and still has space for his collection to grow. But for now it is perfect for them all.

It is a great space for everyone, the boys can go off with Daddy and can leave me in peace! And as they are getting bigger it is a space for them to go when they have their friends round which means they are not all under every ones feet which is amazing for them all and Baba and Boo can get some time away from each other which is something they really need at times as they are getting older!

So it is a win all around. And has meant that we have really had to sort out the rubbish in the house, which is always a good thing.

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