Engagement Ring Update

One thing I have noticed since updating the blog and sorting out a lot of the posts, there are so many more to sort, but I am getting there is that I had big plans to blog about our wedding.

To write about the preparations and to talk about what we were doing.

None of it really happened, but I am determined to change that over the next few months!

But one of the biggest things that has happened since I first started posting about the engagement and wedding, except of course the wedding, is the fact that I have had to change my engagement ring.

I had already blogged about the fact that one engagement ring had broke, and after we got married it broke again.

This time it was beyond repair.

We were walking the dogs in the local park and Boo threw the dogs a stick, it flew past my hand and took the stone out of the ring at the same time.

There was no chance of finding the stone it was completely and utterly lost and gone forever.

And it was the second time of breaking, it clearly was not the ring I should be having, so the decision was made to buy another ring at some point.

A couple of months later we were shopping and the boys found this ring in the local jewellers and they loved it so Mr L brought it and finally replaced my engagement ring.

He has also gone on and brought me an eternity ring just after our first wedding anniversary so I know have a huge collection of rings on my finger!

Which even though I loved my engagement ring and it was part of my wedding ring set, the fact that the boys picked the replacement one makes it even more special and personal to me! So I actually love it that little bit more!

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