I Would Give To You

Sitting in the hospital

With your temperature peaking

And not going down

Your little tiny being

Laying so still but shivering and fighting whatever is wrong

Moaning in-between screams

Otherwise silent

Laying with just a nappy on so small

So fragile

I would give my life to make you better

I would give me soul and heart away

To anyone who asked

Just to be certain that you were ok

I have given you everything I have

I have done everything I thought was right

I have not slept and wont for the rest of the night

I will sit and stay awake

Just watching you and praying

And willing anything to be taken from me

To make you better.

You think you are a giving person

But then a child comes into the equation

And they become poorly

And you would give everything you have

Your skills, experience, your home, your last penny

Your last breath

For them to be better

This post was written Josie’s Writing Workshop. The theme was GIVING, helping to promote and raise awareness for ActionAid‘s latest campaign

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