Christmas Is Coming

So Baba’s birthday has been, Halloween has been, which means we have Mr L’s birthday, Boo’s birthday and then Christmas.

Finally I need to get my Christmas hat on and start thinking about presents.

I love Christmas.

I love Christmas shopping but I really don’t like to buy rubbish presents. I like unique, hand-made, one of a kind, personalised presents. They are always the best combination of presents. Not always what I manage as children don’t really appreciate it, but if I had the choice this is what I would buy every time!

This Chalkboard Dreams Day Planner, is something that I would totally buy for some of my friends and would probably buy the notebook version for a few teenagers I know. How positive is the front of this book! What a great message to send to your friends and family.

Chalkboard Dreams Day Planner, Notebook, or Address Book

I love The Funniest Thing Notebook, what a great way to record your children’s funny statements. This book is a book that could be kept forever and ever and could create a lifetime of laughs.

The Funniest Thing Day Planner, Notebook, or Address Book

This A Merry Christmas Personalised Wrapping Paper is just amazing and something that is on our wish list, no need for massive tags with this paper. I love it!

Everyone knows I love photos, and these Photo Christmas Cards are cards that I would actually send out to people. Although I think I would struggle to choose just one as I love them all.

However I do think this card would be the most appropriate for Baba and Boo, as it sums them up perfectly.

Wreck the Halls Christmas Photo Cards

What a great card to send to people. I am sure the members of our family and friends would love this picture from the boys!

So what would be on your Christmas wish list this year?

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