Chicken Risotto

This is one of our favourite meals in our house.

And is one of the easiest meals to make as it is all done in the slow cooker.

It doesn’t look lovely, and you really can’t take a nice picture of it but it tastes amazing.

It is a chuck in the slow cooker and leave meal.

The perfect meal if you ask me no weighing nothing, and is slimming world friendly, even better.

All I do is chuck in some arborio rice, chopped chicken, chopped bacon (fat taken off), cut up onion, carrots, and mushrooms and add some chicken stock.

Then put on the slow cooker and leave for the day, and around an hour before you are wanting to eat add some grated cheese into the mix and stir it all in and leave it to cook for the last hour.

Then serve.

It is that simple.

That quick and that easy.

And super yummy, and a firm favourite in our house!

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