It’s that time of the week – Slimming World Update

Yesterday was our second weigh in of the year and I lost another half a pound and Mr L lost six pounds.

He has really got back into Slimming World this week, him going back to work gets him back into the zone, whereas I have really struggled this week.

I try to meal plan and get organised but I really do struggle with picking throughout the day.

I am a grazer and I struggle to think of different meals and ideas all the time.

This is something I really need to battle through as yes I am loosing weight, but I am only 1.5 off my two and a half stone and I would love to get that in the next week rather than waiting another three weeks with just my half a pound every week.

I know I should be grateful that I am still loosing every week, but I am really getting a bit disheartened with the fact that every week it is just another half a pound loss.

I really want to see a different number on the scale but not really sure what I can do that will make a difference!

So if anyone has any ideas then please let me know.

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