Boys Have Long Hair Too

If you are friends with me on Facebook I posted about this yesterday.

If you aren’t this will be new to you, but hopefully the fact that BB, is growing his hair for the Little Princess Trust will not be new to you as it has been on the blog since he first announced it.

He has been growing it for just over a year now, announcing it a year ago in July and we think at the rate it has grown in the last year he has another year before he gets to the length he wants to be.

He wants only his hair in the wig and wants to grow it to 12 inches before he has it cut off.

But it is a good length so far.

A length that I can easily put it in a pony tail for school, which he wears every single day to school. However when he is at home, he is very reluctant to wear a pony tail and actually prefers to have it down most of the time at home.

Which is fine.

I am not bothered how he wears it, but he does have to have it up at school.

However because he has it down out of school we are coming across a lot of ‘she’ comments when we are out! To be honest the fact that he looks nothing like a girl except his hair makes it obvious he isn’t a she.

But that seems regardless.

It is all based on his hair.

I have been told while pointing at him, “doesn’t she have gorgeous coloured hair”

It has been said “if she loves wildlife”

And “isn’t she being so helpful”

BB is an absolute star. He doesn’t let it bother him, he laughs and just says oh whatever about it.

We make a joke of it and we get on with the rest of the day.

But actually it does annoy me.

A lot!

He is a boy, but he can do what he wants with his hair.

He can have it short, long, curly, in a pony tail, in a bun, hanging loose or in a braid.

What does it actually matter.

Just because he hasn’t got a short back and sides who cares.

We prepared him when he first said he wanted to grow his hair that SOME people would take the mickey, that SOME people would be mean to him and tease him as he was going to be a boy with long hair.

We shouldn’t have to warn him of that.

In 2018 people should just be accepting.

But I am glad that we did warn him, as he got some serious flack.

He got called a sissy, asked if he wanted to be a girl, got told he looked silly, stupid and should get it cut.

But he stood his ground.

He stood up and explained to everyone that was being mean why he was doing it.

And we were so proud of him.

But it annoys me that he had to do it.

That he has to have a reason for it.

If he wants long hair it doesn’t bother us, so why should society care?

Why does it have to have an opinion?

Why can’t a boy have long hair?

Why can’t a girl have short hair?

Why can’t boys like pink?

Why can’t girls like dinosaurs?

And why do we have to segregate genders into categories?



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