After School Clubs

Today was the start of the new school routine with BB and Boo both starting after school clubs and then cubs restarting.

BB was super excited about starting his new Craft Club this evening and was really happy about finally being free for Craft Club.

Boo was also excited about starting Football after school this evening. I have to admit I was a little worried about him doing an after-school club and wasn’t 100% convinced he would be ok, firstly for being in school longer and secondly for playing football.

It was all very new to him.

I didn’t need to be worried, when I collected them they both were beaming and super excited to tell me all about their after school clubs.

And then it was a quick turn around and time for food before BB then went off to Cubs this evening.

Which he was so happy to be going back too.

Both the boys have gone to bed this evening tired, and happy. So I can’t wait to see how they are both feeling tomorrow morning.

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