Elf on the Shelf 2018

When the Elves first started to be honest I wasn’t that fussed about doing them.

Now five years later actually the boys love them and get excited about them arriving.

They have been asking about them for the past week and I told them we couldn’t guarantee they arrive it is only Santa that knows if people are getting Elves.

So imagine their excitement when this morning they both turned up again.

This morning the elves brought their advent calendars along and a letter saying hello. 

This evening they have hijacked the light box with their names and have plonked themselves under the TV.

I have always managed to move the elves every day since I have had them but sometimes it isn’t that exciting so this year I have sat down and attempted to plan out the days they are here with a nice page in my bullet journal.

I have written down my ideas, just as a list next to each date.

They aren’t set in stone but I am hoping they will help those days when I have no motivation to move them and we have a few more original (to us anyway) ideas that we haven’t used before which I am excited to try out this year.

Putting it into my bullet journal also means I have a great collection to look back next year, meaning I can try to make the elf different next year. 

What ideas do you have for your elf this year? 

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