Books, Books, Books

In January I wrote a post about the fact that last year I didn’t really read any books, and that I was a little upset about it.

I love to read, and reading really took a back seat last year.

I enjoy reading.

I find it relaxing.

And I really love to disappear into a book and the fantasy that is in the book.

So I made a decision to read at least twelve books this year, one a month.

Yesterday I started my thirteenth book of the year.

In November, I finally managed to read a book a month.

I have hugged a few things round this school year, making myself get up an hour earlier, meaning that I have a good half hour to read in the morning before the kids wake up, and this has made a massive difference to my reading.

I am also consciously trying to read in the evening, even if it is just a couple of pages an evening.

I am really enjoying the amount of reading I have done this year and I am finally making a very very small dent in all the books that we have in this house!!

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