What A Day

Yesterday was a pretty hellish day!

One that I was not expecting when I woke up and one that everything seemed to happen all at once.

It started when I went to move my car first thing in the morning and realised the drivers side had been keyed from the front bumper all the way down to the back bumper, a massive deep scratch from front to back.

It is really annoying, my car isn’t the greatest car, it is a bit of a beast and one that we keep as it tows the caravan and has a massive boot for the dogs, but it is old.

Far too old to be repairing a key being scratched all along all the side panels.

And we have no clue who did it, and now I am left with a massive white mark all down my car.

Super annoying and I find really pathetic to be honest, it is a stupid mindless thing to do and put me in a very bad mood. It also resulted in the boys getting a super long lecture on how not to act around other peoples property and about respecting it. Just what they wanted to hear first thing on a Wednesday morning!

When I had dropped off the boys I thought that I had better chase up our new bed. It has been a bit of a pain since we ordered, I was told it was coming between 7-7 on Monday and sat in all day and nothing arrived.

Then when I tracked it on Tuesday only one out of three parcels were coming, and the warehouse didn’t have two of the parcels, resulting in only the mattress coming. Yesterday I got a call, and the bed frame had been damaged in transit and I had to order another one that is now coming today.

It was sorted pretty quickly when they got a hold of me, but it has been a bit of a stressful week, just sitting in the whole time waiting for the bed to arrive.

And to top it off yesterday I had to call the vet, after Buddy had a visit on Monday to arrange an operation for him in January.

He has a massive fatty lump, it is huge on his chest and because it is so large it is becoming a tad uncomfortable for him and the vet wants to remove it in January. I needed to ring yesterday firstly to book it in, and find out the procedure, when he can’t eat from etc, and to also get an estimate of the cost! Oh my god it is going to be expensive, and to speak to the Insurance company, thankfully both of our dogs are insured and the company was really helpful yesterday, and the vets were too.

So he is all scheduled in for January, I am a tad nervous and will be even more nervous on the day, it is never nice having your dog going under general, and this is the first operation Buddy has had with us in his care, but it is the best thing for him and hopefully it will all go well in the end.

After all of that had happened before 10am I decided that I was having a day off and spent the rest of the day sorting a cupboard out with my mum and going through some of my Grandads things, it was just what was needed after the morning, as it was far too eventful for a Wednesday morning!

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