Reading Books 2018

After a little chat on Twitter the other day I realised that last year I read a grand total of two complete books last year. Which is really diabolical!

I love to read, and it really brought it home to me that I really didn’t do anything for myself last year. I love to read, craft and write and I only really knitted last year that was all. My writing and reading went to the wayside.

So this year I am determined to change that.

I want to make sure I read, write and craft.

So since my chat on twitter I decided that I was going to change the lack of reading. And I was going to change it immediately.

So I went and found my favourite book in the world, the book I have read about 5 times in the past, and practically know the words off by heart, but I love it and it is always the book that I read when I haven’t read for a long time and went to bed early and read.

And I probably had the best nights sleep I have had for ages.

Over the last few years I have got into an awful habit of playing with my phone before bed, and I don’t think it has done me or my sleeping any good.

Picking up a real book and laying in bed and reading really helped my sleep, and it helped last night as well. I forgot how much I loved reading, how much you can escape and how much it relaxes me.

I am determined to read more books this year and write about them on here so that I can see how many books I have actually read over the year! And I can not wait to get through some of the books that are sitting on my stairs and in my kindle finally!

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