Blog Update

Well you may have noticed that it all looks a little different around here!

I have been talking about it for ages, and have been debating what to do for ages, most free time has been spent looking at various themes and still not deciding on what I wanted for the blog.

Then last night as I was having yet another browse I finally found a theme that I liked and even though it was verging on 10pm I thought I would go for it as if I left it any longer I probably would never do it!

It took a long time, I have to admit, resulting in a super late bedtime, but luckily as it was so hot I probably wouldn’t have slept anyway so wasn’t that bothered about that.

After all those hours though I have to admit that I do love it.

There is still loads to do behind the scenes on individual posts as I still haven’t managed to correct all the pictures that have disappeared from some posts but I am gradually getting there! So I will be doing the rest of them as I gradually keep on writing and falling a bit back in love with the blog.

So what is where well, I have had the new header for a couple of weeks now and that has remained, I adore this header and it completely captures as a family now! So this will remain for the foreseeable future.

Now Rhianna has her own personal space on the blog, and always on the front page, with a picture from one of her birthday flowers last year. I adore this picture, and it is a perfect picture for Rhianna Lily’s post, beautiful but at the end of its life! It is symbolically the right picture. You can now click on her name in the picture and be taken to a page of all of her posts on the blog. Perfect if that is all you are coming to read!

For the first time I also have featured posts, these I plan on changing every couple of months or so. But will probably keep the Little Princess Post for the foreseeable future while BB is still growing his hair. These are posts that I am particularly proud of or ones that I would like to get read again! I say I will change them every couple of months but who knows! Hopefully they wont be changed to much and wont be left as the featured posts for too long!

Under this is the recent blog posts that I have written, there is space for 10 posts, and they are all just little snippets, some with a picture some without! After actually rectify a lot of the lost photos on the blog posts, I know need to decide to go back over and update a featured image as I have changed the blog theme, or leave them with just writing instead of pictures! Right now that seems like an awful lot of work, but I am also not sure if I could completely leave it as it doesnt’ feel finished with quiet yet!!

Currently you can click on any of the headings and be taken straight to that post and read the rest of the post from there.

Then at the bottom of the page which I am very excited about is there is a little section that says Tropic as the header and you can read a post all about why I love Tropic and what it means being an independent ambassador and selling Tropic  I am really pleased this post is on my front page and I will be discussing and blogging about Tropic along with our wellbeing, and weightloss along with our general family posts, babyloss and crafts posts that I already blog about.

I am really pleased about these changes and the fact that I can now have a section for Featured Posts, and for Tropic Posts on the page, so these posts will be changing as I add more and more posts to the blog.

I am excited for how my blog is going to grow and the ideas I have in my head for it!

Lets see what the next 8 years bring to my blogging space, as I know I have grown hugely in the last 8 years and am very different from where I started in January 2010!

I hope you all like this new look!

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