Middle of the Revamp

Yesterday I posted that I was going to be having a little revamp on the blog.

Since then I have been busy working behind the scenes changing a few things, not that you can see a lot here at the moment.

The ads down the side are gone at the moment, they will be back but for a while they have disappeared, because until I sort my theme I am not 100% sure where I want them, and for some unknown reason I had them repeated down the side, so currently they have all gone until I am a bit more sorted with the blog.

My old blogs, And Then All I Thought About Was You, Rhianna Lily and now Scrapbookerry have all been merged into this blog, so I am no going through and sorting out the posts, and this includes sorting out the photos that are in these blogs.

It is going to take a while and I have done a couple of pages worth of old posts, but have many many more pages of posts to go through and sort the photos, and the categories out on each post.

The one thing that you can probably see straight away is that the menu has changed dramatically, I have really thinned it out.

All the other items are in the main menus, but there are no longer specific links to BB’s Adventures and Boo’s Adventure, instead they are all under Family, along with my adventures, and the animal adventures.

Like Home Design has decorating, and gardening, and home design all in.

It is easier to find things, looks better, and is a lot easier to control on the laptop and the mobile, as before hand having all the categories as menu options meant you couldn’t actually see all the options on tablets and mobiles, which I didn’t like. But am loving the new menu.

I am getting there, super slowly, it is going to take me a long time!

But I am determined to get in finished before school is out in a few weeks as I have some great plans for the blog, so I just need to sort all the unfinished areas so that it looks fab for when I start!

So just bare with me while I keep fiddling for the time being!

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