Big Vegetable Garden

This weekend we moved all of Baba’s plants that had grown enough from the greenhouse into the big vegetable garden. Baba has been asking for a few days now to move his plants, and he doesn’t just ask once a day he has been asking in the morning, after school and in the evening.

He knew that he could move the lettuce, but at the weekend we went on a whim and decided to move the other plants that had grown from the seeds that he had grown.

So we moved lettuce, pumpkins, courgettes, carrots, onions, cucumber, tomatoes and planted a couple of more things as well, parsnips and Brussel sprouts.

To be honest I am not sure how anything will cope with being outside and we really are trying ideas out at the moment but I am hoping that somethings will grow well for Baba’s sake as he is so excited about it all and he gets super excited when we do something like moving the seeds.

He was amazed with how many seeds we had and what had grown already.

It was amazing watching him pulling each pumpkin plant out individually and realising we had a couple of rows of them to put into the vegetable patch, and looking out and seeing them all planted and little green leaves poking out of the ground.

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Now we have moved from looking after the plants in the greenhouse to looking after the plants in the garden.

Protecting them from the dogs, and watching over them daily.

It’s a bit like Baba has his own babies at the moment.

He checks on them first thing in the morning, he tells the dogs “to get of his plant patch” he stops his brother from going near them and he stands and studies them after school incase they have grown a little, then at night I am instructed to water and stop the dogs from getting on them again.

It’s a highly responsibly job at the moment and one that he is taking very seriously and it is lovely to see him work so hard on them and loving the results as well.

A budding gardener is growing in our house and it is a gorgeous thing to watch develop as he gets bigger and understands more.

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