This year I am really focused on my photos, sounds mental I know because what scrapbooker isn’t focused on their photos.

But over the last few years I have been really reliant on taking photos with just my phone even though I have my two cameras sitting in the drawer I am really bad at actually taking them anywhere with me and taking photos with them. I suppose because it is an extra effort to make sure they are charged and have batteries whereas my phone is just always in my pocket.

But it really annoys me.

I love those cameras and I am going to make an extra effort this year to actually take photos with my actual cameras, rather than just my phone for a few reasons really. I prefer those photos, and I really want to learn about the cameras and I can’t really do that if they are just sitting in the drawer.

The other thing that really annoys me is that I don’t print my photos.

Like every other person in the world I know.

But I snap away and I never really print any of them, and it really drives me mad, I don’t even have many wedding photos printed only the few that we have actually in frames. But I don’t have any others printed and that is something I really want to sort this year, as neither of our families have the proper photos from our day only the ones they took and we will be married three years this year. I haven’t even started my wedding scrapbook.

So this year I am making a few changes.

I am going to take pictures with my ‘proper’ cameras

I am going to print of my pictures

I am going to start sorting out my scrapbooks

And I have already started the other day I went into town and decided on the spot to print of some pictures from our recent walk that we had in the holidays and was very excited that I could print them as squares, and I came home and displayed them on the fridge as soon as I got home.

It is such a simple and easy piece.

Six photos held together by little fridge magnets, but I love it.

It brightens up our fridge, it is recent.

The photos have been taken.

They are printed.

And when I no longer want them on display they will be scrapbooked.

And that makes me extremely happy.

As that is something that hasn’t happened in a long time.

And it makes me excited to get back into scrapbooking this year.

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