100 Things in 100 Days

Last year I did a challenge for Scrapbookerry, the 100 day challenge, this year I want to do the same but for home, 100 things in 100 days.

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There are so many things that need to be done in the home, and they will all take time, so doing it as 100 things in 100 days seems the best way and most productive way of getting things organised in the house.

I worked out if I start the challenge today, I have until the 13th April to have 100 things done in the house.

So this afternoon I sat down and wrote my list of 100 things to do in the 100 days.

It is all house orientated things, over the next 100 days I am going to declutter the house using the Konmari Method, I am currently reading her book and loving everything that I read about her thoughts on decluttering. I am determined to use her book and her methods to sort our house once and for all.

It is full, almost bursting at the seams, so it finally needs a declutter. If I don’t use it or love it, it is going!

So my 100 things in 100 days list consists of sorting our clothes, our books, bags, shoes, toys, the cupboards and generally going through the house and sorting each area.

Making sure that between now and April we finally get rid off all the stuff we don’t need in the house, and make every room a home. It really has become more of a dumping ground in some of the rooms, and that needs to change.

I am really excited about the list and can not wait to be at the end of the 100 days with everything sorted and rearranged and be living in a decluttered home and loving it.



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