Writing That Novel

Years ago, in fact in 2009, I enrolled on a writing course. A Creative Writing Course as I had this idea that I wanted to write a novel.

I had written the plan, I had even thought of the characters.

For a few novels actually, all started but none finished.

It seemed a great thing to do with Boo being so small. Then it got pushed to the side.

And to be honest it has stayed there. I did the first assignment and left it. I picked it up fleetingly in 2012 but again it got left. You see then I had an idea to write a book about Rhianna an idea that has never really left me.

But again just an idea that never came to anything.

So my writing course has sat in a cupboard and since then I have also brought a photography course, which is there waiting to be completed. And neither are happening.

This evening after having a long Twitter chat with two lovely ladies, you both know who you are I have made a decision that I need to get some time into my schedule to do both of these courses. They need to be finished and they are both going to benefit me. So I shouldn’t leave them sitting on the side. I should be active in completely them and getting the most out of them, while I can.

I need more hours in the day, but that is not possible, so I need to be focused.

I need to work out a way to schedule things that have to be done, and do them. I need to be mum, housewife, worker, student and blogger. It is a lot but I know that I can do it. I just need to be scheduled and focused.

I may have to trial and error it for a while, but once I get a rhythm I think that I will be ok.

It is just working out where to start with the rhythm and what to try first before I can work out what is the right schedule for me.

So if anyone has any tips then please do let me know as looking for as much advice as possible

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