Valentines Day Presents

So it’s February and the shops are filled and everyone is thinking about the most important day in February and that is Valentines day.

We do celebrate Valentines day, I personally love Valentines, Mr L isn’t such a great lover but he does get something now each year as he has had 8 years of training.

But even I struggle with Valentine’s day presents, now a days. It is a huge market and I am never really sure what route to go down. Do you go down the silly, sentimental, cute, loving, sensible or romantic route? The list is endless.

You could go for the romantic meal out for the two of you. But it is a bit of a mission, even someone who loves Valentines has to admit, by the time Mr L has got home finished getting ready and we have sorted Baba with a babysitter we are both shattered and would just rather sit in and chill. 

You can do a lovely meal at home, but again we have Baba under our feet, and then one of us ends up doing a lot of work, cooking, and tidying and it isn’t overly enjoyed by both. We could very easily get a takeaway in and we have done that many times. It is a great alternative to the more hectic meal out.

In the past I have made presents for Mr L, a nice picture, a beautiful frame, an album, all are perfect for Valentines and give a real personal touch, but even I think I have left it too late this year.

Mr L is a more of a sensible gift giver at Valentines, a CD or DVD that I have wanted. A cute cup as he knows how much I need my coffee throughout the day, and to be honest you can never have too many cups! He will buy clothes, jewellery or stuff that he knows I want. Which is always lovely and he has taken notice of what I like throughout the year.

But sometimes at Valentines you just want that cute personalised item, the special teddy that has been personalised, or a jigsaw of the place you first met, (how amazing would that be), or those gorgeous smelly’s because smelly’s always make you feel that little bit special.

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