5 Great Family Activities To Try This Easter

How excited are you for Easter? Considering the UK is still stuck in the (appropriately titled) bleak midwinter, we’d imagine the answer is ‘not very’. But the arrival of the new season – and perhaps even a glimpse of sunshine – isn’t as far off as you’d think. Spring officially starts a trifling two months from now on the 20th March, and we’re counting down the days until the holidays. If you can’t wait for the family fun of Easter either, here are some of our favourite festive activities, for those of all ages to get stuck into.

  1. If you’re worried that hiding loads of chocolate eggs means your little ones will end up consuming an absolute mountain of sugar this Easter, why not try a different kind of egg hunt? Use plastic eggs and hide little prizes inside them, such as pocket money, a few sweets or a small toy.  One inventive idea is to leave ‘treat coupons’ of your own invention inside the eggs for the children to keep; these can be coupons for things like having their favourite dinner that evening, or watching their favourite film with Mum and Dad. As well as making a unique present, they make a great tool for helping kids develop willpower – so they don’t ‘spend’ all their coupons at once.
  2. When Santa visits, he and his festive crew get to refresh themselves with a mince pie, a glass of sherry and carrots, respectively. It’s much more rare for the Easter Bunny to receive all that attention! Before bedtime on Easter Saturday, why not help prepare a plate of rabbit-friendly delicacies together, such as carrots or lettuce, to be left out in the kitchen as a gift for him?
  3. Why let the kids have all the fun? Give them one or two Easter eggs each to hide for parents or other visiting grown-ups to make sure that everyone can get involved in the egg hunt. (Just make sure they know not to leave any hidden behind the radiator.)
  4. The tradition of the Easter Bonnet, while not really thriving today, comes from a longstanding practice of sporting new clothes at Easter. For children, decorating an Easter Bonnet is a great way to get into the spirit of the season and enjoy some imaginative arts and crafts. Grab some strong glue, and get creative. For some good accessories to include we suggest: daffodils made from paper, fluffy chicks composed of coiled pipe cleaners, a pair of cardboard bunny ears, and lots of Mini Eggs.
  5. While not a widespread practice during UK holidays, the use of cascarones is a well-established festive tradition celebrated in Mexico. Filling hollowed-out eggs with perfume was once a custom in Europe, when men would throw them at women as part of a courting ritual! They made it over to Mexico in the 19th century, and the perfume was replaced by confetti – thus the celebratory symbol was born, and soon became associated with Easter. They’re great to play-fight with (though can make an Easter egg hunt into an all-out battlefield) and easy to make. Simply break a hole in an egg with a pin, drain the insides and, once thoroughly rinsed, fill the egg with confetti. Cover the hole with a little tissue paper to secure the contents. Some people like to fill their eggs with flour as a fun alternative… but be prepared for a LOT of mess.

 What are your favourite activities to do as a family at Easter? Do you celebrate with Easter breaks away from home?

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