Tropic Mini Tamanu Balm

The Tropic Mini Tamanu Balm is our go to product in our house.

We used this for the first time 3 years ago on Boo’s eczema as I was told that it was great for eczema. And the results were amazing. Using the cream really helped Boo’s skin.

It was also put to the test on two separate occasions on holidays to Butlins.

The first being for Boo when we really forgot about his eczema, and a night in the hotel on the starched sheets flared his skin up so badly, and the only thing I had was the Tamanu Balm so I put this over his skin and his flare up was better with in no time at all but his itchy stopped almost instantly.

The second time was when BB (also at Butlins) had an accident and cut his head open. We used the Tamanu instantly for the bruising and it was great in helping the bruising clear up!

Since then it has become the cream used for so many things at home.

Cuts, bruises, and scrapes and we get a lot of them in the family with two boys, and the Tamanu Balm is pulled out.

Insect bites the Tamanu Balm is pulled out.

Sunburn the Tamanu Balm is pulled out.

Cooker burns, iron burns and friction burns, only today Boo got a burn on the slide at soft play, and the Tamanu Balm is pulled out.

We have one in our bedroom, one in the medicine cupboard and one in my handbag and always take one on holiday with us.

It is our miracle cream in our house and if all else fails we reach for the Tamanu Balm.

It is an all-in-one skin saviour that helps to repair scarred and damaged skin. Tamanu Oil (green gold) is a Polynesian remedy that has been used for centuries to accelerate skin healing and stimulate healthy skin growth.

As it is our go to product for most issues in our house I thought I would do a little test with it to see if it would help with the boys nail biting.

Both my boys are massive nail biters, to the point that the nails will bleed and the skin around the nails will bleed. Over the years BB has got numerous infections from his nail biting. And recently Boo has started to moan that his fingers were sore due to biting and I wanted to stop his biting before it got any worse.

So I had an idea to put the Tamanu Balm on his fingers and see if it would help his biting.

The day we started they were sore inflamed and really red and hurting Boo.

I put Tamanu Balm on his fingers a few times a day.

I was really hoping it may stop him biting his nails. It is less but he is still biting.

However his skin and nails are less inflamed and less red raw. Which I am so pleased about.

And he has stopped moaning that they are sore and hurting. So to me that is a massive improvement for me.

So we keeping going with applying the Tamanu Balm as they are improving his skin and I hope keep lessening the amount he bites his nails.

This stuff is so amazing and never seems to amaze me what it can do. And something I would never be without in our family.

This isn’t a review it is me personally raving about the Tropic Mini Tamanu Balm, after I have used it repeatedly since joining as an Independent Tropic Ambassador. And something I will always use for myself and my kids.

If you want to have a look at the amazing Tamanu Balm or any of the Tropic products yourself you can visit my personal shop here

“I am an Independent Tropic Ambassador and the views and opinions expressed here are solely my own and not those of Tropic Skin Care Ltd”

If you want to have a look at the fab products yourself you can visit my personal shop here

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