A Tropic Space

Over the last three years I have been trying to find a perfect space for my Tropic, and blogging, as Tropic doesn’t really take up a lot of space, but along with my writing notebooks I thought I should combine the two.

For a long time I kept them both in the spare room with my craft stuff, but then Big Bro wanted his own room and all of that had to be cleared out and fitted into our own bedroom, and I didn’t really fancy work paperwork in our bedroom. I did it at school, and I did it at university so in our own house I wanted to keep our bedroom separate.

The other alternative was to move the paperwork and my notebooks to the bureaux in the kitchen.

It is a small space, but still big enough for what I need, and means that I am near the family when blogging and working, and not just sat on the sofa! Which also is never a good thing!

It just means I watch tv and don’t actually get a lot done.

I had to shuffle things around, sort out the crap that was in the cupboard that the boys had collected, with their pens and pencils and all their started but never finished craft things!

They were all secretly chucked away.

And this little work space was created.

It is perfect.

It is in the kitchen so I can work while cooking tea! Or while the boys are chilling watching tv, I am near the kettle, phone and printer!

There is space for Tropic, notebooks, blogging and my laptop.

And when I have finished for the day I can close the cupboard and work is gone until I open it up again!

A perfect space for my business and my writing!

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